About Daniel Lawrence

About Daniel Lawrence

At seven years of age, Daniel Lawrence had his first extrasensory experience. While at the time, he didn't realize he had special psychic abilities and a talent for healing, this early vision was what Daniel later called his "psychic awakening."

It took place at a time when Daniel had almost lost his mother. As she was suffering from a serious illness, Daniel sent up a heart-wrenching prayer to God, begging that HE save his mother's life. At that moment, Daniel clearly recalls seeing a reassuring hand reach out to him, followed by five, unforgettable words:

"I will always protect you."

Shortly thereafter, his mother recovered from her illness.

Later in his youth, he had a healing revelation. Daniel witnessed a baby bird falling from its nest. He ran over to the tiny bird, cradling it in his hands. It appeared almost lifeless. Suddenly, a warm, healing power began flowing from his hands, and while this transfer of energy took place, the bird was revived.

This miraculous encounter enlightened Daniel's awareness to his power to heal sick and injured animals and plants. On another harrowing occasion, his childhood dog was savagely attacked by a Saint Bernard and was subsequently near death. He rushed his dog to the vet, cradling him in his hands as he had done the bird. Sixty stitches and a long while later, Daniel took his dog home – the moment he had, knowing his dog would recover. And he did.

Throughout his life, Daniel has been drawn to the sick and injured, whether they be human, animal or plant. Even his wife has witnessed the power of his healing. While suffering from a severe migraine, Daniel intuitively placed his hands on his wife's head and within seconds, her excruciating pain was gone.

Daniel's natural healing gift led him to research various hands-on healings methods used successfully in the Orient. The one which he was most drawn to was Reiki, a centuries-old curative method. He underwent intensive supervised training and became a Reiki Master, practicing for over 15 years. His effectiveness and expertise in this work has been well documented in testimonials.

In Loving Memory of Merle Annabell June 10, 1910 to August 24, 2006

Daniel Lawrence at age 1