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The Connection

By Daniel Lawrence

Publication Date: June 21 2017

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“The Connection” is a mind-opening book I recently read by a Certified Reiki healer and psychic named Daniel Lawrence. I was awestruck by his knowledge. Mr. Lawrence is a gifted sage who was born with extra sensory abilities beyond the scope of average people. His abilities enable him to “connect” with deceased people and see realities beyond the five senses every human possesses. For example, he can communicate with the spirit world, get a glimpse of future happenings, diagnose and treat sick humans and animals. He has demonstrated an ability to navigate space and time to heal people who live in remote locations.

​He has comforted dying people, enabling them to pass the threshold of their life into the next phase of existence in the spirit world. What makes his extra sensory abilities so astonishing is the breadth and scope of his insights. He sees life everywhere, in flowers, trees, plants and even inanimate objects. They all have a consciousness. They all have life. They all possess the same fundamental elements. Everything on earth is a mixture of living microscopic atoms, molecules, and sub-atomic particles.

Everything on earth is inter-connected. That’s the reason for the title, “The Connection.” When you read Mr. Lawrence’s book, you’ll never see yourself and your world in the same limited way. You’ll know your reason and purpose for being here. I highly recommend reading it.

Written by:

William Frederick, Social Worker Red Bank, NJ

"The Connection" is written by a deeply reflective, sensitive and in-tune with Spirit soul, Daniel Lawrence. This heartfelt "little" book is filled to overflowing with much wisdom and grace. It nourishes you with its simplicity and depth. It gently guides you into coming to know and truly "connect" with your true Self. It is meant to be savored word by word and phrase by phrase. It is a gentle meditation, an inquiry into the essence and heart of life. It plants seeds within you that in time and with proper cultivation can and will help you to blossom into who you really are. I very highly recommend this "little" book because of the "big," rich impact it will have on your life.

Yanni Maniates,

The Connection by Daniel Lawrence shows us there is so much more than what our 5 senses are able to reveal. As I read through his numerous examples I found that I could easily relate to all of the stories he demonstrated. OBE’s, PastLives, Spirit Communication, Consciousness, and where our departed loved ones venture too once deceased. As a Spirit Medium myself and a human being on this journey called life, it is my understanding that we are to evolve into a higher awareness of all that is. Some of us take the path that Daniel and I are on, but others choose entirely different paths. All roads lead to the ultimate Truth that we are One. We have many different personalities, opinions, color of skin, professions, but under it all, we are one being living out billions of lives simultaneously. We are so much more than what we were conditioned to believe. Daniel takes us on his personal journey with countless examples that there is more to this physical reality. He is not delusional but aware of what most people disregard. A great reading for like minded souls who will move into the next dimension at the end of this age.

Medium Michele Fletcher

An artfully woven read, uniquely coupling the author’s biography with meaningful spiritual insight and transformation. In this intimate, wonderfully written memoir, the author explores the major life tenets of love, abandonment, self-discovery, intuition and so much more. Through his life experience that clearly ebbed and flowed, the reader gleans new and invaluable perspective. Rich and enlightening-a must read for anyone interested in spiritual growth and self awareness.

Michelle A. Beltran

Psychic Medium, Author, Intuitive Life Coach

Thank you Daniel, Very good book. Very loving and thoughtful and healing.

Robin MacCay

The Connection is a very valuable book. It gives great in site to the deeper questions of life..Why we are here in this body. What is our life purpose, and why we were sent to earth in the first place..This book sheds light into ones that want to bring light into themselves. This book gives guidance to ones ready to receive enlightenment into their souls...This book is for the seeker. The bible has a verse that says seek me and you will find me..One quote that really touched me in this book was, Don't base your behaviors on your limitations. Expectations manifests evidence..Like attracts like...Our life journey is unique for each of us, the book The Connection gives us some guidance to our each individual life's path.. This book is inspiring and taps into those connections. It helps to facilitate with love and compassion those path ways. Very heart warming, uplifting, read. I highly recommend it to ones seeking enlightenment into their own life.

Tammy Brown

About This Book

A little book of inspiration

"To walk through life is to carry ourselves with confidence, to hold gratitude in our hearts and to cultivate a reciprocal relationship with All That Is" - Daniel Lawrence

"The Connection" – the companion book to "The Apology" – is literally a road map to Spirit, enabling one to fully embrace their own soul's purpose during their physical time on earth.