Service Testimonials

Dear Mr. Lawrence,

I can't thank you enough for all your help, encouragement and compassion concerning my loved one. We had been estranged for almost two years. My heart was aching for this relationship to be healed. I prayed for a miracle, and God sent me you. You taught me how to pray more effectively and believe that this relationship would be healed. You sent "distant healing" to her, with me and on your own. I was shocked when she showed up at a recent family function. We hugged and cried and hugged some more and cried some more. Thank you for bringing her back to me. Gratefully,

CC, Mankato, MN

Thank you for applying Reiki healing energy to our two horses, Lennie and Pony. Lennie responded quickly. Within 12 hours I started to notice a difference. He was eating more, was friendlier and seemed much happier. His gums returned to their normal color and he is in much better health now. Your correctly pin pointed Pony's spleen condition and the hands on energy you applied got a remarkable response. She 'perked up' mentally and was very amused and fascinated by the proceedings. The roller magnet helped her knees and sore muscles. In general, Reiki has improved her quality of life. I thank you for this Dan.

Susan Bell Corrales, N.M.

We have within us everything we need to heal ourselves and to keep us healthy. Dan is a guiding light to show us how to tap into our inner resources. The first time Dan worked with me, I was preparing to give a speech and conduct an important training. I was tired, stressed and extremely nervous. Without even touching me, Dan surrounded me in a healing light and I felt my anxiety turn to joy, my fatigue to energy and my stress to focus. I was relaxed and effective as a result of Dan's help. Dan's an intuitive and gifted healer on many levels and his gentle spirit touches my soul.

Shari Deghi, Half Moon Bay, CA

I feel fortunate to have known Dan Lawrence as a client and friend for over 30 years. During this time I have witnessed his love, kindness and devotion to all god's creatures in the animal kingdom - whether humans or pets. He has dedicated his entire being to healing others - physically, emotionally and spiritually. Dan has been blessed with psychic abilities. He has developed and fine tuned them to extraordinary levels. His is an intuitive healer who has literally changed the life's of the people who sought his help. Dan is part of a new wave of spiritual enlightenment that is bringing light and love to all earth's inhabitants.

Bill Frederick, Belford, N.J.

The experience we had was more of a communication. We are trying to become more in tuned with our intuition and in that way our lives have changed. Your channeling with my deceased mother was insightful, especially when you accurately described the mother of pearl ring she gave me. We did feel at ease with you and would recommend your services to others.

Helen Dansro, Albuquerque, N.M.

I felt much more relaxed and peaceful the pain in my throat and neck lessened about 10 min after the treatment started I want to learn more about Reiki so that I can put myself in the safe peaceful mood I was in, while Mr. Lawrence was working on me.

P, Albuquerque, NM

I felt inner peace, with my higher power in 1 hour I felt spiritually connected, grounded and comfortable, also relaxing, I found the experience to be very healing, emotionally.

Lorraine M. Bosche, San Francisco, CA

I have had the great honor of working with Dan Lawrence for over five years. He is a gifted healer and has one of the most compassionate hearts of anyone I have ever known. It has been a true joy having Dan in my life.

Shayala Diamond

I felt immediate relief from stress and neck pain.

Connie Miller, Napa, CA

I found my healer a very sympathetic, relaxing person. My Reiki treatment gave me better articulation in my right leg than I had in years.

Elin Eissie, Bath, England

Dan Lawrence is a talented clairvoyant, medium and healer and has one of the biggest hearts of any one I've ever met. Every cell of his being is directed towards the well being of others.

Debra Lynne Katz author and clairvoyant teacher

Hi Dan
I met you awhile back on FB not even knowing your special gifts ... What a wonderful surprise you were and are...

My mom just passed over to the light Nov. 5th 2011 and Dan has been quite a comfort to me ... He of course reassured me about my moms love for me and that she's at peace now ... Several days before she passed and was in the hospital ..Dan saw a purple ring with silver leaves on each side that my mom owns and wanted me to have ....I told Dan my mom is a simple woman not really owning much jewelry and I wouldn't know about any such ring as she lived in Denver and I live in California... I later asked my niece about the ring as she was at my moms bedside with my sister ... My niece Chrissy said yes that she does have a ring just like that as her mom my sister was already wearing it ! ...of course I won't tell her my mom wanted me to have it as material things don't mean that much to me anyway ..I have gifts from my mom that no money could ever buy .... Thanks Dan for your friendship ..empathy and kindness ... Your friend always,

Shirley Njos, Long Beach, CA

Dan has so many gifts. He has always been 100% right on his physic insights. His talks hit on some information on my daughter and mother that I was clueless about. For example, one time at a special occasion at my daughter's school concert, I felt a tap on my shoulder and there was nobody there. I felt a presence I couldn't account for. Dan said it was a female's presence and a grandmother figure. He correctly identified it as my own grandmother.

Dan asked me if my daughter had make believe friends when she was younger. My answer was yes. He then asked me what her favorite animal in the whole world would be. I told him what I thought they could be but he said "no", "it was a giraffe". After school that day, I asked her what her favorite animal was. She said without hesitation, "it was a giraffe."

Recently my mother was in the hospital because of some internal bleeding and other health issues. Dan correctly identified where the pain was, in her right hip and leg.

I know Dan as a special person with gifted physic abilities, an honest man and a good friend.

Robin Solano, Thorton, CO

In many instances, Dan has just looked at pictures and envisioned images of things that had taken place at that time with that person. Dan even visualized the pictures that were hanging on the wall of a friend’s house based solely on the outside of the home he saw on the Internet.

He also picked out a friend of mine from a group picture. He said she had a male spirit standing along side of her. He said she appeared very distraught. I told Dan this friend had lost her husband over a year ago and was still grieving. Dan was accurate about her depressed condition and as a result, I do keep in contact with her. I try to help her get over her loss.

I have a close friend by the name of Al. Dan has seen pictures of him and said he sees many spirits of deceased dogs around him. How true. Al had many dogs in his lifetime and he loved them all dearly.

Dan is a very spiritual person and has great insights to share. I am very fortunate to have him as a friend.

Mary Ann Jenkins Hollinden, Louisville, KY

Dear Dan,
Thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the trouble to write such a thoughtful letter. You are truly a kindly spiritual person. It is a triumph of will to have reached such a level that you truly have, no malice against anyone and moreover, that you are clearly in tune and in touch with the spiritual world. Most sincerely your brother in law.

Great One Albuquerque New Mexico